In the 1970’s, Dr. Perry Robins was alarmed at the rise of the number of skin cancer cases that were on the incline. This led him to form The Skin Cancer Foundation. His goal was to educate people on the early signs of Skin Cancer and to help them distinguish early signs to be proactive in their skin care health. His vision was to alert the common public that there are dangers in skin exposure and that we need to be “smart” in how we take care of our skin.

Historically tanning wasn’t always in fashion. At an earlier time, most of the “non-laborers” kept covered up, used umbrellas for shade, and went to great lengths to not be throughly exposed to the sun. During that time, the immediate differences people could tell who the laborers were because of their “tan” from working out in the sun all day. Learn more about about Skin Cancer.

Today in society we experience a much broader view on tanning. The rise of going to the “tanning salon” or “tanning beds” became a huge trend in our culture. Our mentally these days is that we need to feel confident and a sense of pride on how we look. That statement is true but do we really need to take for granted our long term health using methods of tanning that are outdated so to speak?

Feeling that glow to our skin allows us to feel healthy and exuberant in our self esteem. Spray tanning allows for a safe and healthy alternative than going to the tanning beds. It is instant gratification so to speak that gives you that natural glow without subjecting your skin to the harsh lights of a tanning bed. Learn more: How It Works

HealthiTan has the desire to meet the growing needs for a healthier choice in tanning. Our desire to help people and offer something unique to the Kansas City Metro area is exactly how HealthiTan wants to provide it’s services to the community.

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