Policy Waiver

Must read regarding your upcoming visit

All Clients that wish to participate in a spray tan session must agree with the following policies/waiver by signing in after entering our location at:

Prairie Life Fitness
10351 Barkley
Overland Park, Kansas 66212

By signing in on the clipboard you are agreeing to all 14 policies.

If you are a minor under 18 you must have a parent/adult guardian consent.
If you are pregnant you must a written or emailed Doctor’s consent. NO EXCEPTIONS

1. A HealthiTan spray tan, like any self tanning product, will NOT protect your skin from burning in the natural sun or in a UV tanning bed. Please take the proper precautions when exposed to UV light. HealthiTan is in agreement with the Journal of American Medicine that UV tanning beds are unsafe & we do not recommend usage at any age.

2. If are Pregnant, HealthiTan requires written consent from your Doctor. You may have your Doctor email us from their offices in advance. No Exceptions. By signing this you are agreeing to have consent before your tan time.

3. Maintaining your color is possible with subsequent visits every 5­-10 days. Healthy, exfoliated, hydrated skin will hold results longer and achieve color faster. Ask a tanning consultant for a recommendation of the best regimen for your skin type.

4. For best results, wait 6­-8 or 2-3 hours (depending type selected at session) after being spray tanned before showering. This will allow your HealthiTan to fully develop and will ensure the optimal results.

5. There are cosmetic bronzers in the solution, which may transfer to clothing or fabrics. The bronzers are water soluble; they will wash out of most fabrics. Silk, lycra, spandex, nylon, wool, or leather can stain if not washed out immediately.

6. The HealthiTan technician is trained to provide a smooth, even tan. However, due to normal skin variations and session variables it is possible you may occasionally find some area of your tan slightly lighter than others. In most cases these differences are minor and disappear after rinsing.

7. Because of the moisturizing agents in the mist, we recommend you close your eyes during the application. If you do not, your eyes may feel itchy or scratchy. The ingredients in the solution are harmless and will not damage your eyes.

8. All the components of the HealthiTan tanning solution have been safely used in cosmetics and nutritional products for decades and have been proven to be safe for the skin. If you have had adverse effects utilizing self­tanning products or moisturizers in the past, you may experience similar effects with the HealthiTan system. Please discuss this with your technician before proceeding.

9. We recommend that you hold your breath during facial spraying. We make this recommendation because most individuals would prefer not to breathe the mist. The solution is not considered harmful in the minimal amounts that may be inhaled in a normal spray tanning session.

10. Many clients choose to wear hair caps which we provide as a courtesy at no extra charge. The solution normally will not penetrate the hair shaft and hair is generally not affected. Some porous, course, or processed hair types, if uncovered, can be affected but this is usually rare.

11. If you have any history of asthma, other respiratory or medical conditions that could be aggravated by the use of the Airbrush system, please consult a physician before proceeding. Please inform your HealthiTan tanning technician of any past allergic reactions to DHA products and any medical concerns you may have.

12. The FDA recommends that you take the following measures to protect against ingestion or inhalation during your sunless session by using •protective eyewear •nasal filtration•sealing lips with Lipbalm •protective undergarments. Clients are required to supply these items if desired. Keep in mind the FDA has deemed spray tanning a safe skin application as an alternative to exposure to UV rays.

13. Guidelines for what to wear while spray tan is applied: Clothing is optional but male body parts below the waist must be covered, thongs are accepted.

14. HealthiTan has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If your appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance a $25 charge will be sent to your email which may be paid with the card of your choice or PayPal and or will nullify the promotional value of any discounted purchases from HealthiTan or other deal brokers assigned by HealthiTan. Subsequent appointments booked must be paid in advance. We do not refund on services. Under special circumstances management may extend expiration dates on discounted services.