COVID19 Protocol Instructions

WE HAVE MOVED! Located at Primp & Blow Prairiefire, 5621 W 135th St | Overland Park, Ks 66223

Must READ & Sign before tan time

Your Safety is #1

1. Please stay in your car & text us upon arrival 913-486-2755.

While waiting follow @healthitan on Instagram & like us on Facebook. We appreciate you doing this as Covid has killed our business. Interacting with us on social helps more than you can imagine.

2. We will text when we are ready for your session.

3. Masks are mandatory. Please wear one for your entire session 20 to 30 minutes if you wish your face to be sprayed you must follow these instructions: at the end of your session you will be instructed to remove your mask holding it in one hand away from the body. If you need to cough or sneeze you can bring it up quickly to your face. NO TALKING, please keep your mouth closed. Your face will be sprayed and dried and then you will be required to put the mask back on immediately. This will not mess up your face unless you wear a very tight suction mask. This is for your safety & the safety of your spray tan tech & other clients after you.

We have self tanner products to keep your face tan perfectly every day.

TanFabulous Drops for Face & Body NEW! reg $35 limited time sale $19.99 use with your moisturizer

Tahitian Glow Self Tanner $15 & $30 use nightly for a rich glow

Tahitian Tan Extender was $15 now $10 use nightly for a nice slight glow

5. After receiving text you will be greeted at door to enter. Please remove shoes inside door. Wash hands with soap upon arrival for at least 20 Sec.

6. Take your temperature before coming. If it’s over 98° please text to cancel. Please Stay Home if you have any of the symptoms listed here

7. We will be allowing more time between appointments by a possible 15 min. Please be patient, when scheduling allow a possible extra 15 min for Covid19 safety disinfecting.

Questions? We are happy to help, please text 913-486-2755

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Thank you for choosing Healthitan and supporting local small business.

With Tan Love, Joni & Rachel Faye

Instructions till further notice, when booking online you will be required to agree & sign via electronically

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